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Behavioral Assistance is a in home and or community-based intervention provided by a certified professional, specialized in servicing at-risk youth and young adults as well as their families. Behavioral Assistance work alongside a licensed clinician who provides Intensive In-Community Services (IIC). Behavioral Assistance assist in treatment goals established by the licensed clinician and family to assist the family in the management of a range of behavioral, social, or emotional needs. The Behavioral Assistant role is flexible to help meet the family’s needs.

Intensive In-Community Service (IIC) is an analytical, focused goal oriented, and needs based clinical intervention that addresses emotional as well as behavioral challenges of youth and young adults with low to high needs. The Intensive In-Community Service (IIC) is intended to stabilize and support the youth as well as the families in an effort to deter more intensive interventions and to support the youth and family in collaboration with the Child Family Team (CFT) or identified support system. This is a short-term, solution focusing on intervention which is will addresses the youth’s behavior resulting in the youth and their family/guardian gaining insight and improving function at home and in the community. Youth and families are eligible to receive Intensive In-Community Services if they are receiving Care Management, MRSS services, and as part of the Transitional Planning process from OOH treatment back to the community, through the NJ Children’s System of Care.

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